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Publication 2001 - DENNIS HOPPER - A System of Moments

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MAK exhibition catalogue
Ed.: Peter Noever
German English
320 pages, around 250 b/w and color illustrations
30 x 22 cm, soft cover

" A System of Moments is about my life as an actor, filmmaker, author, director, painter, photographer and finger pointer." Dennis Hopper

Although Dennis Hopper has created an identity as an artist and photographer since the late 1950s, he is known as Hollywood's enfant terrible. Through his portrayal of outsiders in films like ... because they don't know what they're doing or Apocalypse Now , but also as director of the classic Easy Rider He is one of the last great cult figures in Hollywood. When Hopper distanced himself from Hollywood due to his uncompromising aesthetic sensibilities, he focused on painting, photography and fine art. Although phases of film work and acting alternate with years of artistic activity in his life, he follows a consistent line in both areas and reveals an affinity for the realism of Pop Art, characterized by an urban iconography and a conceptual attitude . The band Dennis Hopper. A System of Moments documents his entire work: the photo assemblages and sculptures of the early 1960s, the black and white photo chronicles of the American art and film world between 1961 and 1967, the paintings, the large-format color photographs of the 1990s, the billboards and wall assemblages of the year 2000 which the most important film works like Easy Rider , The Last Movie and Out of the Blue .
Published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name (May 30th - October 7th, 2001) at the MAK.

Contributions by Kerry Brougher, Peter Frank, Bruce Hainley, George Herms, Fred Hoffman, Dennis Hopper, Walter Hopps, Edward Ruscha, Andy Warhol, Daniela Zyman.


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