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INA SEIDL. Jewelry

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German English
36 pages, 34 color illustrations
30 x 21 cm, soft cover
MAK, Vienna 2010

Ina Seidl works with both wearable jewelry and object art. In addition to gold and silver, the artist uses paper, steel, plaster, porcelain and dried plant parts. For her, jewelry unfolds its full meaning as soon as it is worn on the body and thus comes to life. Ina Seidl experiences the creation of her pieces as a metamorphosis, as a symbol of constant transformation processes in life.

Published on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name (May 5th - October 26th, 2010) at the MAK.

Edited by Peter Noever, with contributions by Elisabeth Schmuttermeier and Ina Seidl.


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