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100 BEST POSTERS 20 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland

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German English
Paperback, 376 pages
Format: 24.1/17.5/3.5 cm
Publisher Kettler Dortmund, 2020

The association has been awarding 100 Best Posters for 20 years. V. the most groundbreaking poster designs from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. On its anniversary, the association and its members and graphic designers around the world are confronted with existential questions, because the coronavirus not only harms people, it also harms culture. We live in a time that makes it possible to go to the hardware store but not to the museum, to get a hairdresser's appointment but not to go to the theater. Culture is being reevaluated, mostly devalued. But what are we without culture?
Some of the posters presented in this volume were created for events that did not take place, for billboards that remained white, for an audience that did not exist.
Naturally, these changes not only influenced the selection of the 100 best posters of 2020. They also influence the current design. To the extent that communication between people was hindered by authorities, sometimes even prohibited, the desire to create visual communication seemed to have increased in the last year. The book and the posters presented can therefore also be seen as physical evidence of erased time and lost space in 2020.


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