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Otto Prutscher architect and designer between tradition and modernity

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Hermi Schedlmayer, Fritz Schedlmayer, Otto Prutscher. Architect and designer between tradition and modernity (Edition Angewandte), published by Claas Duit, Birkhäuser Verlag GmbH, Basel 2019.

The publication appears in the book series of the University of Applied Arts Vienna “Edition Angewandte” by De Gruyter Verlag.

Otto Prutscher (1880–1949) is considered by experts to be one of the most important Austrian architects and designers of interiors and decorative arts in the first half of the 20th century. When she moved into the Villa Rothberger, which had been redesigned by Prutscher, co-author Hermi Schedlmayer began tracking down Prutscher's designs and executed objects: the database currently has over 5,500 entries. This work combines the scientific preparation of his extensive activities with the first in-depth examination of a person who experienced a lot from the spirit of optimism at the turn of the century to the ban on his profession during the Nazi dictatorship and processed it in his artistic work.

ISBN: 978-3-0356-2007-8
Edited by Duit, Claas
368 pages, numerous color illustrations
24 x 32 cm, paperback
Publisher: Birkhäuser


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