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Faltus Collection

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In her most elaborate publication to date, porcelain expert Annette Ahrens takes you into the diverse world of Rococo Viennese porcelain figures.

In their 30 years of collecting, Hilde and Friedrich Faltus have collected more than 300 pieces of these fragile porcelain works of art and have thus made an important contribution to the preservation of a long-gone court culture. The long-standing friendship of the Faltus collector couple and the author as well as the shared joy of collecting these Viennese stories in porcelain can be felt in this magnificent volume. The opulent "Porcelain Spectacle" is offered a stage in the sense of baroque showmanship in the mirror of the imperial residential city of Vienna.

Edited by Annette Ahrens. Interview with Hilde Faltus, texts by Annette Ahrens

432 pages, over 900 illustrations
23.5 x 28.5 cm, hardcover

Album Verlag, Vienna, 2017


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