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Tote Bag 'La Turbo'

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La Turbo Avedon is an avatar, artist and curator and was born in 2008/09 in the metaverse of the collective online computer game Second Life. The non-binary virtual fictional character [pronoun they/them] consciously ignores the lack of real physicality and instead emphasizes the potential of non-physical and fluid identities. In digital sculptures, photographs and videos, La Turbo Avedon incorporates elements from video game environments as well as quotes from current internet culture and critically examines the medium of the Internet and its technological and economic developments.

Bag created on the occasion of the exhibition LA TURBO AVEDON at the MAK (Wed, June 22, 2022—Sun, September 25, 2022)

100% cotton | Heavy canvas material | Item weight: approx. 215g | Volume: approx. 21 liters


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